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Bridgeport Coffee Company is committed to helping schools and nonprofits raise funds for their facilities, operations and special initiatives. We have created a special fundraising program that really works.

How to get started

Experience shows that it is easier to sell something desirable that people actually want and will use than to ask for an outright donation.

To that end, we introduced Bridgeport Coffee Company's special Fundraising blends — delicious coffees that are bought at favorable discounts and sold to your donors at a premium price. The best part is that you keep the difference.

Here's how it works: you buy a 12-ounce bag of roasted coffee for $7.50* and sell it at a recommended price of $11 to $12, pocketing the difference. It is easier to get your donors to buy coffee for $11 or $12 than to give $4, because they see the immediate value of the coffee they receive in addition to the support they give your organization.

It's a win-win scenario: your nonprofit or school receives urgently needed funds, and your contributors receive delicious coffees that they will actually drink and enjoy. Everyone wins!

Now let's get creative

Once your contributors taste our coffees and see that their support is going to a cause they value, it's easier to encourage them to give again and again. After all, no one drinks just one cup of coffee! Day after day, there's always need for another cup of top-quality coffee — and that means virtually unlimited fundraising opportunity.

Consider creating your own Coffee of the Month or Coffee of the Week Club. Your donors could pledge to buy a certain number of bags of coffee per month or year, and they will receive our superb coffees on a regular basis, through you, while also providing your organization with a regular line of financial support.

Once again, everyone wins. Your contributors get the benefit of our flavorful coffees, and your organization gets the benefit of regular and predictable extra funds.

> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to get started with Bridgeport Coffee Company fundraising.


Are these coffees any different in quality or taste than the retail Bridgeport Coffee Company roasted coffees?

Fundraising coffees are identical in roast quality and flavor to our retail coffees. They come from the same batches and are roasted with exactly the same care and attention as the Bridgeport Coffee Company roasted coffee beans you might purchase at, for example, Whole Foods.

How are the fundraising coffees packaged?

Fundraising coffees from Bridgeport Coffee Company are packaged in specially sized packages with special labels. Each bag contains 12 ounces of roasted coffee beans. This quantity of beans delivers the right amount of value to your donors, in that they receive a significant amount of coffee relative to the special fundraising price you charge them. Our experience shows that donors feel that they are more willing to give when they are getting something in return, and that is how we developed the quantity and the pricing of our fundraising coffees.

How are the fundraising coffees labeled?

With a minimum order, we will customize your label so that your donors will always associate the coffee with your school or nonprofit organization. [shown: sample label]

What's the minimum order?

*The minimum order for a fundraising coffee program is 24 bags.

How much money can we realistically make?

Assuming your donors buy 50 bags of coffee, your organization can expect to make $250 per delivery. If they buy 50 bags per month year-round, you can realistically make an additional $3,000 every year. Some of the schools we supply have raised upward of $10,000 since we began the program in 2008.

Which coffees are available for fundraising?

Coffees are available on a seasonal basis.

Bridgeport Coffee blends or single-origin coffees may be available by special arrangement. Call 774.247.3320 to see if your favorite Bridgeport Coffee Company roast can become a fundraising coffee. Chances are, it can!


History of Bridgeport Coffee's fundraising program


In the spring of 2007, a parent from a Chicago Public School asked us to provide coffee for a booth they had at a "green" market. We are often asked to provide this or that for one cause or another, and couldn't possibly do them all, but she was a friend, so we loaned her some equipment and coffee beans" they said, "thanks", and we said, "your welcome, and hope you make a little money for your school", and thought that to be the end of it, but this group of parents was thinking bigger. They asked if we could develop private labels, and we said yes. They asked if we could create a custom blend, and we said yes. They asked how much this would cost, and we said nothing. They got together, gave us some artwork, and placed an order for 50 bags. Sold them all! Guess it makes sense, as where else can you buy such useful items for such an immediate cause. We support the coffee farmers, the rainforest, the habitat of migratory birds, but how about our own children's education"

Here's how it works. You provide us with your artwork. We create the label. Tell us the quantity you want (25 bag minimum). Tell us the style coffee you like. We put the coffee in an all natural bag (biodegradable) with your label on it and deliver it to you. The cost of the coffee is $7.50 ea with a recommended resale of $12. If you sell 48 bags (simple, because it's real good coffee) you net $216.

Private Label/Gifts

We can also produce private label coffee for resale or gifts. Simply provide us with your company logo, and we do the rest. Prices vary widely depending on the quality of coffee you choose.

If you need further info, please email:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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